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Covid 19 Office Opening

Given that we have gone into a further lockdown, we want to be clear about our rules for visiting the office. Being moderately sociable sorts, we generally like little more than a visit from a client, whether it’s to drop off paperwork, have a brew, write a will, or sign some contracts. At the moment though, our position is this:

Don’t come unless you are invited and have been given an appointment time.

If you are dropping off paperwork, then there is a lockable box in the vestibule and hand sanitiser will be available. If there is nobody on reception at the time you call then please make use of the box, but it would be much better to make an appointment so that we can arrange to take things off you and give you a receipt where necessary.

If you have symptoms of Covid-19 please don’t come. Stay at home, telephone us or email us, we will make other arrangements.

If you don’t know the symptoms by now you have either been living under a rock or do not have access to the internet (in which case, how on earth are you reading this?)

Here is a link to the NHS site: Check if you have symptoms

If you need a lawyer you probably don’t know what you don’t know (otherwise you’d be a lawyer, right?)

How can you be certain the advice you’re getting is right for your circumstances? You need to understand exactly what’s being recommended and why, and to trust that the person giving that advice has your best interests at heart.

More than that, you need to understand the potential real-life consequences of what can seem like theoretical decisions.

We are straight-talking no-nonsense lawyers. We care deeply about our clients, which is what keeps them coming back time after time.

We don’t mind advising you not to do something if we genuinely believe that’s the right thing for you. Because we know that long-term relationships aren’t built on making a quick profit.

Whether you need personal legal advice – on a will, trust or power of attorney for example – or are buying or selling property or land, make us your first call.