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Your solicitor will ensure your

                                                 mortgage offer is in place

                                                 Many buyers don’t realise that their
                                                 conveyancing solicitor isn’t just working

                                                 for them. They’re also working on behalf
                                                 of your mortgage lender (again; assuming
                                                 you have one).  This means your solicitor
     STEP                                        will liaise with your mortgage company to

                                                 ensure everyone’s best interests are being
                                                 taken care of.

                                                 At this stage in the process, your lender
             4                                   will send a copy of your mortgage offer to

                                                 your solicitor. Your solicitor will then check
                                                 that their existing details of the
                                                 transaction match what is in your

                                                 mortgage offer  and will let  the lender
                                                 know if any changes need to be made.

                                                 If you’re really not happy with the idea of

                                                 your solicitor also acting for your lender,
                                                 you can choose to pay for a separate
                                                 solicitor for your lender.

                                                 This might be a good time to start looking
                                                 for buildings insurance.

       7. Key steps continued                                                                   Purchasing Property
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