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1. Introduction

                                 2.  How much difference does a good solicitor
                                 3.  What are the key steps of the process?

                                 12.  What if you’re a cash buyer?
                                 13.  What if you’re buying a leasehold property?

                                 16.  What do you need to know about searches?

                                 21.  What could complicate things?
                                 27.  What do you need to know about the energy

                                        performance certificate (EPC)?

                                 28.  How involved will the estate agent be?
                                 29.  How much communication should you have

                                        with the seller?
                                 30.  What do you need to know about stamp duty?

                                 32.  What happens when contracts are exchanged?

                                 33.  What should you do between exchange and

                                 37.  What happens on completion day?
                                 41.  What happens post-completion?

                                 44.  How long will it all take?

                                 48.  How much does it cost to buy a property?
                                 49.  What can you expect from your solicitor

                                        throughout the process?

                                 50. Glossary

       Contents                                                                                 Purchasing Property
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