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How much difference

       does a good solicitor make?

       The seller’s estate agent will almost certainly recommend a
       conveyancing solicitor. A lot of buyers, particularly those going
       through the process for the first time, will take this
       recommendation. Though we’re sure a lot of estate agents
       recommend good solicitors, estate agents usually receive a
       commission for these recommendations, which may be in favour of
       their judgement.

       It is well worth putting in a bit of leg-work to find your own solicitor.
       You could ask family or friends who they use, though do make sure
       they actually enjoyed working with their solicitor - many don’t!
       Alternatively, the Law Society’s ‘Find  a Solicitor’ search is a good
       place to start. Review sites like Trust Pilot & Google Reviews can
       also be helpful.

       Either  way,  it’s  really  important  to  choose  someone  you  like  and
       trust. Personality is a big factor here as you’re going to be working
       with your solicitor for at least six weeks, probably longer. You need
       to be confident you can get in touch with them easily by email and
       phone; you don’t want to be spending one of the most stressful
       periods of your life leaving endless unanswered messages.

       Let’s put it this way: choose someone you’d want to have on your
       side should everything come tumbling down around your ears. An
       experienced solicitor should make the process as smooth as
       possible, whatever happens.

       2. How much difference does a good solicitor make?                                       Purchasing Property
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