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Your solicitor will send out an

                                                 engagement letter

                                                 Before your conveyancing solicitor can
                                                 begin the process of purchasing a

                                                 property on your behalf, they’ll need to
                                                 know more about you. This will involve
                                                 sending you an engagement letter with
     STEP                                        lots of terms, conditions, and some forms

                                                 for you to fill in.

                                                 You’ll need to tell your solicitor about
                                                 yourselves. This includes information
              1                                  about the  property you want to buy,

                                                 where the money to buy it is coming from
                                                 and whether or not you are intending to
                                                 use the purchase to launder money (for

                                                 your information: the answer to this last
                                                 one should be a very firm ‘no’).

                                                 If your deposit is made up of money

                                                 gifted to you by family members or
                                                 extremely generous friends, your solicitor
                                                 will need to know more about this.

       4. Key steps continued                                                                   Purchasing Property
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