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Your solicitor will receive the
     STEP                                        contract pack from the

                                                 seller’s solicitor

                                                 Here’s where things start to get interesting.
                                                 Hopefully the pack will arrive in a timely
              2                                  fashion, though the usual rules of time can be

                                                 a little hazy during the conveyancing process.

                                                 The pack will contain:
                                                 - The contract
                                                 - The title to the property (and whether it’s
                                                    registered or not)
                                                 - A completed property information form
                                                 - A completed fixtures, fittings and contents
                                                 - Any warranties & guarantees

      Your solicitor will check this pack thoroughly for any potential issues. They
      will also ensure that the sellers actually have the right to sell, that there is
      an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in place and that any building
      work has been properly approved.

      It’s important to note that this does not include checking any structural
      concerns, whether the place is properly wired or whether the boiler works.
      Your conveyancer won’t actually step foot inside the property during this

      process; they’ll only be able to advise you on things the seller has actually
      admitted to. It’s really important to make sure you carry out practical
      checks yourself or, even better, with the help of a surveyor.

       5. Key steps continued                                                                   Purchasing Property
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