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Your solicitor will order


                                                 Your solicitor will need to order a range of
                                                 searches on your behalf. Which searches

                                                 you need to have will depend on where
                                                 your property is located, as different
                                                 searches will be required in different
     STEP                                        geographical locations. For example, if

                                                 you’re buying in an area previously used
                                                 for coal mining, you’ll probably want to
                                                 check whether or not the downstairs loo is
                                                 sitting pretty atop an unstable mine shaft.
              3                                  As a minimum, your searches should

                                                 include a  local search,  a drainage and
                                                 water search and  an environmental


                                                 Your solicitor will check the results of the
                                                 searches for potential issues and report

                                                 back to you.  If there are any concerns,
                                                 these will be raised with the seller’s

       6. Key steps continued                                                                   Purchasing Property
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