Anna Newport – Solicitor and Director : bricks and mortar

Newport Land and Law was founded by middle-aged solicitor (her words) Anna Newport. After decades of experience working in a range of legal firms she decided to create a business which allowed her to do what she loves – conveyancing and personal legal work – and to give her time to finally finish the book she’s been writing since 2016.

The book about buying property still isn’t finished 3 years later because clients of Anna’s from her time in other Yorkshire law firms tracked her down to make sure she could still act on their behalf. It’s fair to say that since starting Newport Land and Law she has been rather busy.

A very straight-forward kind of woman, Clive says no one wants to sit next to her at dinner parties because all she talks about is the 1936 Public Health Act . She says that’s not true; sometimes she talks about rights of way and mortgage penalty clauses as well.

If you’re buying or selling a house you might find that Anna spends a (fairly boring) hour with you explaining all of the legal implications, but you will leave sufficiently informed and able to make the right decisions for you (and she promises to only do it once!)

Newport Land and Law is built on the heart-felt belief that solicitors should care deeply about clients and their interests, not simply parrot the legal position and then sit on the fence.

Legal advice can result in life-changing decisions being made, and Anna is keen to always explore the potential human impacts of those choices, not simply give the official legal view.

It’s also important to us that we deliver our advice with a sprinkling of (sometimes border-line appropriate) humour. Clients who love this come back time and again. Clients who don’t, don’t – and that’s okay by everyone.

Anna Newport

Christopher Walton – Consultant Solicitor : death and taxes

Christopher was born in the wrong century, in the wrong class. A gentleman farmer, or country curate at heart, he would have spent his days playing music, sketching and painting, cataloguing the insects in the garden, making improvements to the prospect, or merely idling the hours away in his personal library.

As it happens, he has to work for a living. Christopher delights in helping his lovely clients deal with the various and complex issues around death and mental incapacity. He does this through advising upon and drafting wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney, dealing with death estates and making applications to the Court of Protection.

Pragmatic, robust and helpful advice is delivered in clear yet sensitive terms. Freed from the tyranny of employment and its dreaded time-management shackles, Christopher is at liberty to spend a proper amount of time with clients perfecting their cases and getting to know them and their wishes. Christopher’s belief is that lawyers can, and should, have a personality beyond the fusty grey suit (which he no longer sports).

Chris Walton

Clive Newport – Operations Director : IT and sums

In charge of all things systems and processes, Clive is the quiet power who keeps everything running smoothly. From IT to insurance applications, his obsession with detail is well-utilised behind the scenes running a tight ship.

It is taking ages to get him to sit still somewhere nice to have his work photo taken.  As a result Anna has trawled through her phone and found this picture of him sitting on his motorbike, keen to be off.

That said, as a client, you probably won’t meet Clive (although now you know what he looks like). If it has a plug on it, or a flashing light on it, or it goes ping, it is Clive’s department.  If it has numbers in it that require complicated sums doing, then it is Clive’s department.  To be honest, if its a broken toilet its probably Clive’s department.  He is very useful, and you can probably see why Anna married him.

Cordelia King – Consultant Solicitor : commercial property

Cordelia does commercial property and she does it really well. What she doesn’t do well is toe the line to suit other people. She wants to make things work for her clients. A qualified pilates instructor she is flexible in her approach to life and to work. A perfect fit for Newport Land and Law.

Cordelia has had some practice writing “about me” for her children’s school project and now insists that her favourite colour is yellow, her favourite food is chips and her favourite pastime is running around after her crazy kids.

If we are compelled to be serious, Cordelia’s vast years of experience in the commercial property field, in large city firms and high street practices, means she gets what’s important to her clients, she understands what they really want to know and she can tell them in non-legalistic, plain English. Having a builder/developer husband she has first-hand experience at the coal face and knows what clients in that position need to know and how to explain it to them. That doesn’t mean that the legal nitty gritty stuff isn’t important, it absolutely is, but you can leave all that to Cordelia and she’ll listen to what you need and get the deal done for you.

There will be some boring stuff to tell you, its not all bright lights and excitement in the commercial property world, but with her candour and frank no-nonsense manner it should just about be bearable.

Susie Brooks – Consultant Solicitor : Dispute resolution

If disagreements start after the passing of a loved one, it is time to call in Susie Brooks. Empathetic at a distressing time, but also refreshingly blunt: if Susie is on your side she will think outside the box to present your case in the best way possible. But if she thinks you have no chance, she will tell you straight. Susie has been known to shout into her phone ‘it’s a Proprietary Estoppel case!’ while walking her dog in the hills, much to the bemusement of nearby sheep. If you would like to know what a Proprietary Estoppel case is, Susie would love to tell you all about it, along with the intricacies of the Inheritance Act. Straightforward yet skilful advice at a time when you need some clarity

(For the sake of clarity, Proprietary Estoppel is the offside rule of the legal world)


Ellen Wood – Practice Manager

Ellen is a one woman wonder.  If you want to be organised into doing things, made to fill in a form, encouraged to prioritise effectively, and reminded of your deadline then Ellen is your go-to.  She will probably let you eat the piece of cake and drink the coffee before you start though, because she is not an animal.  Ellen comes with a massive skill set in process and compliance, a trained Registrar, wedding organiser, wedding officiator along with being a clerk to governors across the Wakefield area, in both public and private sector.  She has an ideal skill set to help us run the practice so that the lawyers can get on with focusing on clients.  You will see her around the office, and she is the person who will help you if you have a problem with one of us.  She might even be able to arrange your nuptials, if you asked her nicely.

Chris Newport – Finance Manager: calculators and paperclips

Chris is here to help with cashiering.   With accountancy qualifications, and a clear (often too insightful) understanding of how Anna and Clive work he seemed like a good choice to help support the growing business with their expanding accounting needs.   Chris is a worshipper of BMWs, Ralph Lauren, and foreign currency, and he may talk to you about any of them at the drop of a hat.   Probably best not to wear a hat in the first place, and minimise the risk.

Sarah Wilkinson – Consultant Conveyancer : residential property

Sarah started at a law firm in Wakefield at the age of 18 and has over 14 years fee earning experience.  Sarah completed her Level 4 and Level 6 Diploma with the Council for Licensed Conveyancers qualifying as a Licensed Conveyancer in July 2017 and is also appointed a Commissioner for Oaths.

Sarah has worked in both high street practices and a high volume conveyancing firm and deals with all aspects of residential conveyancing from initial instructions through to post completion and has experience of a wide range of property transactions.

Sarah understands that buying a house is a stressful time and prides herself in providing high service levels and quality advice to her clients; tailored to their individual needs.  Sarah is organised and efficient in her approach to work and never hesitates to go the extra mile for her clients.  She is very proactive and always on hand to answer clients queries when they arise by telephone, email or face to face and she goes out of her way, where the situation demands that extra support the client may require to make their conveyancing journey run as smoothly as possible.

There are plans to grow the team, but only with the right people who share Newport Land and Law’s values, fixation with detail and general appreciation of the niceties of Anglo Saxon. If you are interested in working with us as a consultant or in the office, by all means give us a call or send your CV through to