Languishing Ladders and Puppet Tableaus: Keeping Your Home Safe While on Holiday.

We recently shared a post about why you might want to sign up for the Land Registry property alert service. If you haven’t read it yet, the upshot was that it can help protect your home from property-pinching gremlins and fraudulent shenanigans. This post also aims to protect your home from gremlins and shenanigans, but […]

An Idiot’s Guide to Signing Up for the Land Registry Property Alert Service

We’d like to preface this post with a heartfelt assurance that we have not set out to call your names. Rather, dear reader, our aim is to put together a guide suitable for even the least experienced techy types. However, please do note that if you’re having technical issues with anything other than with the […]

Right to Buy: Great Idea or Lousy Stripper of State Assets?

Is Right to Buy a good thing or should there be more social housing available?

In recent weeks, there have been rumblings from the government about introducing a new Right to Buy scheme to allow housing association tenants the right to buy their homes. The government say this would help counteract the issue of ‘generation rent’ and give millions of people the chance to get a hold on the property […]