Understanding the Proper Execution of Property Deeds: A Guide for Everyone 

Introduction  When dealing with property transactions, one of the most important steps is the execution, or signing, of deeds. This process can seem daunting, but it’s simpler than you might think. Here, we’ll explain the various methods of executing deeds to ensure your property dealings are legally sound.  What is a Deed?  A deed is […]

Could a Tiff with the Folks Next Door Interfere With Your Sale?

Newport Land and Law Neighbour Feud

Could a Tiff with the Folks Next Door Interfere With Your Sale?  Come on, admit it, we’re all tempted to lose our cool with our neighbours sometimes. Whether it’s prompted by loud music, smelly cooking, questionable wheely bin placement or infuriating parking habits… it’s not always easy to keep the peace. This is especially likely […]

What are Lasting Powers of Attorney and Why Should You Have One?

There’s an awful lot that’s uncertain in life. Whatever your circumstances – and wherever it is you imagine you’re heading – all sorts of things can surprise us. Considering the current worldwide situation, you probably won’t need to use your imagination to come up with any potentially surprising scenarios. We may be biased lawyer-types, but […]

Unexplained Wealth Orders, Explained

There’s a lot of paperwork involved in buying property. This wasn’t always the case, but these days us conveyancing solicitors like to be doubly sure we’re getting everything right. Gone are the days of blissful ignorance; we now eat due diligence for breakfast. This means that, among other things, we need to make sure you […]

Why Wills are for the Living – (Serious Encounters with Public Transport)

Yes, we’re afraid we’re going to talk about wills. Writing a will doesn’t sound as exciting as buying a house, does it? Despite this, we’re setting out to convince you that it really is a worthwhile thing to do and it really is the sort of thing you should be considering, even if you’re really […]

Crystal clear – why price transparency matters.

You don’t work the former West Yorkshire coalfield for long without understanding that price is often a prospective client’s foremost concern.  And with good reason – solicitors are expensive. That’s why I discuss fees upfront.  In my experience, putting the price discussion first does two things: it gives certainty to the prospective client and it […]

Proof of Funding

We are not just nosy, there are good reasons we ask where your money came from. Cleaning money. Money laundering. Fraud. These are the kinds of things which keep conveyancing solicitors awake at night. That and worrying that we have sold somebody the wrong back garden and other issues which we know are bound to […]

Gifted Deposits

Why “Bring your Mum” is not an unreasonable request from your solicitor and why it matters where your deposit comes from. There are very few scenarios we face as adults which require you to comply with a request to bring along your parents. Gifted deposits are one of them. Gifted deposits might sound like the […]