Passing the Time with Pinterest: Décor Dreams During Your Property Purchase

As conveyancing solicitors, we spend a great deal of time fielding emails and calls from people who would like to have moved into their new home a week last Tuesday. Can you blame them? We can’t. Buying property can be a long, tedious process, and at some points it can feel like there’s no light […]

University. Who needs it?

Our new Paralegal, Molly, has plans to start her Paralegal Apprenticeship in September. After carrying out all this research, she decided that an apprenticeship would be the best fit for her. She has put all her newfound knowledge together and written a blog, to help those who may also be thinking about applying for an […]

Divorce and Property Transactions: Can You Name a More Stressful Combination?

Welcome to January, the month of fresh starts, new gym memberships and relationship breakdowns. (Fun fact! The first Monday of the year is dubbed ‘Divorce Day’ by those who work in family law.) We appreciate that this might not be the most cheerful way to kick off our blog for the year, so you’ll have […]

Could Your Dream Cornish Cottage Be Sitting on a Copper Mine?

Cottage on the cliffs

Being generally of a northern persuasion, we must admit that Cornwall can sometimes feel like a bit of a dream to us. Like you, when we think of it, we often imagine picturesque cliffsides, gorgeous beaches, delicious pasties, cream teas…. and extra conveyancing searches. Alright, alright, we’ll admit that the extra searches might be a […]

A alsa agas krowji hunros Kernewek bos owth esedhva war Bal Kober?

Cottage on the cliffs

Kyn hwir yw dre vras ni dhe vos a berswadyans kledh hag yma agan pennsodhva yn Pow Evrek, a wrussowgh godhvos yma golok yn Kernow dhyn ynwedh? Usi, henn yw gwir, grewgh agan tewlel imach ow pewa war alsyow marthys ha trethow splann, ow tybri te dehen ha pastiow kepar hag i dhe vos yn-mes […]

Commercial Conveyancing: Giving Dirty Dancing a Run for their Money

We’re aware we’re making it sound like Strictly Come Dancing come to life…well, it’s actually kind of in a similar ballpark. Or should we say dance hall? Commercial conveyancing has nothing to do with shimmying your way to the top but rather  preparation for a slightly lengthy process to gain the property of your wildest […]

A Not-So-Festive History of Gingerbread Houses

Christmas Gingerbread Houses

This year’s festive blog post is inspired by Nostell Priory close to the Nostell Estate, which is where you’ll find the Newport Land and Law office. Along with all the usual Christmas fare you’d expect to find at a National Trust property, Nostell Priory is currently playing host to a miniature gingerbread village within the […]

Kings Speech- Leasehold and Rental Reform

Whilst we’re interested in the history of property and land, at Newport Land and Law, we also keep a keen eye on the significant changes in the legal landscape. Charles III has had his first crack at a King’s Speech and property was very much on the agenda. Here is our (hopefully straightforward) precis: The […]

The Unglamorous Side of Home Ownership: How to Cope with Blocked Drains 

Guest Post  Taking ownership of a property tends to be a proud moment – and that’s true whether you’re on the first rung of the ladder or all the way at the top. Unfortunately, there are some less glamourous sides to being a homeowner, and many of these will involve words like leaking, cracked, broken […]

Cohabitants: Wildest Dream or Worst Nightmare.

BOO! Did we scare you? No? Good because this next part might… By cohabitants we don’t mean the attic you share with Casper the friendly ghost (at least he’s friendly!). It means someone you want to live with. Unfortunately for you this means sharing your snack drawer or losing your favourite side of the bed… […]