How are people buying houses in 2024?

By professional house whisperer Rachel Smith. This may be the first time you’ve sold a house, or you may have not sold a house for a few years, either way it’s important to understand how people buy houses. Gone are the days when buyers went into an estate agent on the high street and asked […]

ID and Money Laundering Rules: Why We’re (Probably) Not Accusing You of Anything

If this is the first time you’ve bought a property – or the first time in a few decades – you could be forgiven for thinking that conveyancers are really quite nosey individuals. After all, it probably feels like we’re always badgering you for personal details you might prefer to keep to yourself.  Though we’re […]

Newport Land and Law Director Spotted Up a Ladder in Dorset

Our very own Anna Newport recently popped up in Gillingham, Dorset, to pay a site visit to one of our clients. Hunnings Homes is a family business led by managing director Tom Jeffes. Not only are they passionate about property, they’re also keen to serve their community by breathing new life into old buildings. They […]

What are Land Rights, also known as Wayleaves?

Our friends over at Northern Powergrid put us together a blog to help you understand Land rights, also known as wayleaves, and why they’re not actually the end of the world. Northern Powergrid are the people who manage the electricity network that powers everyday life for more than 8 million people across 3.9 million homes […]

When Neighbours Cry Bamboo-hoo-hoo

Take it from us: people fall out with their neighbours over all sorts of things. Some of the most common offenders are parking, broken fences and wheely bin etiquette, though neighbours who are really committed to squabbles don’t let it stop there. We reckon it’s fair enough to say that the common offenders above often […]

Understanding the Proper Execution of Property Deeds: A Guide for Everyone 

Introduction  When dealing with property transactions, one of the most important steps is the execution, or signing, of deeds. This process can seem daunting, but it’s simpler than you might think. Here, we’ll explain the various methods of executing deeds to ensure your property dealings are legally sound.  What is a Deed?  A deed is […]

Passing the Time with Pinterest: Décor Dreams During Your Property Purchase

As conveyancing solicitors, we spend a great deal of time fielding emails and calls from people who would like to have moved into their new home a week last Tuesday. Can you blame them? We can’t. Buying property can be a long, tedious process, and at some points it can feel like there’s no light […]

University. Who needs it?

Our new Paralegal, Molly, has plans to start her Paralegal Apprenticeship in September. After carrying out all this research, she decided that an apprenticeship would be the best fit for her. She has put all her newfound knowledge together and written a blog, to help those who may also be thinking about applying for an […]

Divorce and Property Transactions: Can You Name a More Stressful Combination?

Welcome to January, the month of fresh starts, new gym memberships and relationship breakdowns. (Fun fact! The first Monday of the year is dubbed ‘Divorce Day’ by those who work in family law.) We appreciate that this might not be the most cheerful way to kick off our blog for the year, so you’ll have […]