The Negotiator Awards 2021 – Supplier of the Year Professional Support

Our Champagne-Fuelled, Award-Winning Night Out The Negotiator Awards 2021 – Supplier of the Year : Professional Support It’s not all that often that Northern solicitor types like us find ourselves out on the razzle in London (conveyancing is probably not as glamorous as you think). Last week we surprised ourselves by scrubbing up really quite […]

Decluttering Your Junk Before a Move: Why Future You Will Thank You

There are a lot of fantastic things about moving to a new home: enjoying more space, exploring new surroundings, discovering things growing in a new garden, embracing a fresh opportunity to organise your stuff… There are a lot of awful things about moving to a new home: putting up with all the viewings, waiting through […]

What on Earth is Residential Abortive Transaction Insurance?

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It’s a fact of conveyancing life that not all transactions have a happy ending. Sometimes people change their minds. Occasionally surveys come back with horrifying results. From time to time someone comes along with a bigger pot of money and pinches a property from right under your nose. We look here at whether Residential Abortive […]

How Long will it Take to Buy or Sell My House?

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How long is a piece of string? As conveyancing solicitors, there are certain questions that we get asked over and over again. One of those questions is: how long will it take to buy or sell my house? Though we don’t necessarily enjoy parroting the same old answer to the same old question over and […]

A Whistle-Stop Tour of Shared Ownership Schemes

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September 2021 People often talk about ‘getting on the ladder’. If you ask us, actually managing to purchase property feels more like engaging in a complicated square dance. Not only do you have to move to the rhythm of the music and remember the fiddly footwork, you’ve also got to pay attention to what the […]

Indemnity Insurance: Can it Save You from a Proverbial Bite in the Behind?

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Indemnity insurance is typically filed under the heading of ‘incomprehensible things conveyancers say.’ Though we won’t argue that a lot of what we come out with possibly is incomprehensible… we happen to subscribe to the new-fangled idea that it’s important for clients to actually understand what’s happening with their property transaction. With this in mind, […]

Fallen in Love with a Listed House? Here’s Where the Headache Begins

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You might have seen us mention once or twice that buying and selling property can be ruddy hard work. Unsurprising, we suppose, seeing as there’s a whole legal specialism dedicated to the practice. If you’ve been really paying attention, you’ll know that there are certain things that can make the process even more complicated. Think […]