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Cheshire Brine

Looking to buy or sell a property in Cheshire? You may need to consider a Cheshire Brine Search when doing so as your ideal property may be subject to the repercussions of historical mining.

Cheshire is a rich source of salt with a history of extensive mining and brine pumping. When these mines were abandoned around 1986, water was flushed through them resulting in their foundations beginning to deteriorate and the mines subsequently collapsing. 

The unfortunate effect of this is that the ground above and around them can be unstable resulting in subsidence.

What is subsidence and why should I be worried about it?

Subsidence occurs when the ground beneath your property sinks causing the building to move with it. As a result, the foundations of the building become misaligned causing structural damage, varying from cracks in the walls to serious harm to the foundation or supporting walls.

The impacts of this can be costly, in repairing your property or trying to obtain planning permissions for developments.

How do I know if my property is affected?

We, as your solicitors, will conduct a Cheshire Brine Search against your property which will search whether the property has been, or is, subject to brine mining activities.

This search will show:

  • History of mining activities underneath and around the property
  • Whether the property is located near to a well or shaft
  • Whether the ground underneath is susceptible to subsidence
  • Whether the property falls within the Compensation District and/or the GS7 Planning Policy Boundary 
  • Whether notice of damage has been filed previously 

Your property may fall within the Compensation District, this means that the area is subject to subsidence and there is potential for the property to become damaged. This is not the be all and end all! You may be able to apply to the Cheshire Brine Subsidence Compensation Board who provide compensation for specific categories of damage to properties and land caused by subsidence as a result brine mining.

Please note that if a property has already received compensation, it may not be eligible to apply again.

Should your property fall within the GS7 area, no developments may take place in this area until declared fit for development. 

These results are crucial when considering the future for your property. Subsidence does not need to be the end of the world; more time and investment may be the remedy. 

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