Completions and the Friday Myth

Despite the fact that I generally carry on as though I were a youngish 25, I have actually worked in conveyancing for an eternity.   I have got to that stage in my career where the names of things have changed, but I am still using the old terms for them, like the antediluvian tragedy that I am.   The names of things change, the way we do the things changes, the technology changes, the brand of coffee changes but three things remain the same:

Yep, it’s a myth.  You do not have to complete on a Friday.  Generally we don’t complete on a transaction on a weekend or a bank holiday, quite simply because the banks are not open and the money is not able to be transferred but there is no earthly reason that you cannot complete on a Tuesday, or any other day of the week.  

I would, on the whole, prefer it if people didn’t aim for Friday completions.   If the banking system fails on a Friday (which has impacted on me twice in my career), then you could find yourself homeless for a whole weekend, living like borrowers on the back of a Pickfords wagon or scrunched up, uncomfortably, on your Auntie Edna’s sofa.   Its much easier to tolerate that sort of thing for one night rather than three.

I get the idea that if you move on a Friday you have a whole weekend to unpack the Crown Derby and the Children’s’ mountain of plastic toys (I have a theory that those things breed) but I promise you that a couple of days annual leave taken judiciously at the end of a week following a Wednesday completion will pay dividends.

If you have strict holiday requirements, if you are a teacher, or in the armed forces for example then it’s worth factoring that into the deal right from the beginning to allow for everyone to understand what the requirement is and why,  but we cannot ever guarantee that a completion date will happen because there are so many different things to factor in.   We give guesstimates:  an average transaction takes 8 weeks, but there is no such thing as average.   As I say to anyone who will listen, the fastest turnaround time I had on a deal was 24 hours, the longest one took 13 months.   If you arrange your completion date before you start and that date cannot be met, then the stress of the move will increase exponentially.   It is simply not good for your mental health.  I promise we will manage your expectations on this point, but I can’t say the same for other conveyancers.

If you have any questions about how completions work, then please give me a call on 07525796286 or email on

PS.  Dear clients, whilst I love you immeasurably, I will not be allowing you to move to a new house on Christmas Eve.   Even if you ask me in October.  Even if you decorate me with tinsel and sing jingle bells to me.

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