Opportunities at Newport Land and Law

The biggest challenge for most people in the modern workplace is juggling. Even if you don’t work in the circus, life is complicated.  Whether its children, dogs, haircuts, doctors, bills, mortgages, elderly parents, or gambling habits, it all has to be sorted out and most people who work do not lack the time to do things, but the flexibility.  For example, my lovely hairdresser Oliver does not want to be clipping my locks at 21:00 hours on a Wednesday evening and so I need to be able to leave work during the day to get my hair cut, or I need to go on a Saturday morning (a time when I have umpteen other things to do at home or with my family).   Whilst there are some careers which do not allow for that flexibility (like being a nurse in Intensive Care) I choose not to work in an environment where I cannot do what I want to do when I want to do it.   There are clearly caveats, the work has to be done and the clients have to be looked after and, where work is concerned, the clients are my priority.  But if I don’t look after myself then I can’t look after my colleagues, and then, in turn we can’t look after our clients.

If you want to work flexibly as a consultant solicitor and you work within the Law of Property (conveyancing, commercial property, wills, estates, planning etc) and if you think you can bill more than £5000 a year (which is what it costs us to break even on our in initial direct investment in you) then Anna or Ellen will be more than happy to have a chat with you about whether we can help.

Current Vacancy

NLL’s commitment to our people and their health and wellbeing is paramount, you will need to fit comfortably with our people and support our work in striving to change the profession and its attitudes, as well as delivering exceptional client focused service.  You will need an unblemished record with no restrictions on your practising certificate and you will be brave enough not to talk about people behind their backs.

Office Staff, Paralegal, and Trainee applications will all be considered.  We want people with personality and drive.  Having a double first from Durham is not a necessity.  It is our intention that even our office staff have flexibility.  Whilst flexibility works both ways, if there comes a day when any of us are too grand to make a cup of tea, do some filing or sit on reception to allow someone else to go do what they need to do then someone should remind us that its time to hang up our boots.

Email us at opportunities@landandlaw.co.uk