Bricks & mortar – commercial. Buying, selling, and leasing commercial property

Buying, selling, and leasing commercial property

Even investment properties require you to invest emotionally as well as financially.

Whether you’re buying an office, storage unit or plot of land, there’s still plenty to worry about – unless you have the right people on your side. We make it our job to take the worry and hassle away.

More than 30 years of buying property on clients’ behalf everywhere from Cornwall to Cumbria means we’ve been there and done that with complications, non-standard paperwork and difficult characters within the process (not you, of course!)

We’ve had restrictive covenants overturned by the High Court and resolved an 11-year old planning issue just six weeks after it was passed to us. So it’s fair to say we know what we’re doing.

If you want to know more, read all about our approach here.

If you want to talk about your next commercial property sale or purchase, get in touch by calling 01937 326006 or send us your details on this form and we’ll call you.

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