Commercial conveyancing solicitor Cordelia

Consultant Solicitor : commercial property

Cordelia King

Cordelia does commercial property and she does it really well. What she doesn’t do well is toe the line to suit other people. She wants to make things work for her clients. A qualified pilates instructor she is flexible in her approach to life and to work. A perfect fit for Newport Land and Law.

Cordelia has had some practice writing “about me” for her children’s school project and now insists that her favourite colour is yellow, her favourite food is chips and her favourite pastime is running around after her crazy kids.

If we are compelled to be serious, Cordelia’s vast years of experience in the commercial property field, in large city firms and high street practices, means she gets what’s important to her clients, she understands what they really want to know and she can tell them in non-legalistic, plain English. Having a builder/developer husband she has first-hand experience at the coal face and knows what clients in that position need to know and how to explain it to them. That doesn’t mean that the legal nitty gritty stuff isn’t important, it absolutely is, but you can leave all that to Cordelia and she’ll listen to what you need and get the deal done for you.

There will be some boring stuff to tell you, its not all bright lights and excitement in the commercial property world, but with her candour and frank no-nonsense manner it should just about be bearable.

Cordelia qualfied as a solicitor in 2000 
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