Crystal clear – why price transparency matters.

You don’t work the former West Yorkshire coalfield for long without understanding that price is often a prospective client’s foremost concern.  And with good reason – solicitors are expensive.

That’s why I discuss fees upfront.  In my experience, putting the price discussion first does two things: it gives certainty to the prospective client and it builds trust.  It also gives me the opportunity to explain to the prospective client why the job costs what it does.  It allows me to speak of my skills, my qualifications and experience.  I can explain what being qualified, regulated and insured means.  It allows me to highlight the value of my services and why I might be a better choice than other providers.

Recently, our regulator, the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority, made it mandatory for solicitors to display certain pricing information on our websites.  But we here at Newport Land and Law have chosen to go further .  We think it’s in our clients’ best interests that all costs information is available to you, the prospective customer.  After all, we’re not embarrassed by our charges, so why hide them?

The importance of all of this was brought home to me recently by a nasty sales experience.  The seller of the service led me down a clever sales path, got me where they needed me to be, and then subjected me to a suffocating pressure sell.  The experience was awful.  Price was the last thing to be discussed – deliberately.  Only by cornering me could the extreme cost of the service be “justified”.  A more vulnerable (and less cynical) individual might well have bought in those circumstances.

So, at Newport Land and Law, pricing is plain, uncomplicated (well, as much as it can be) and fair.  No pressure sell; no confidence tricks.  We’re not bargain basement, nor are we City of London. 

But we are value for money.  We really do care about your matter.  And that’s our point of difference. 

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