Practice director Ellen

Practice Director

Ellen Wood

Ellen is a one woman wonder.  If you want to be organised into doing things, made to fill in a form, encouraged to prioritise effectively, and reminded of your deadline then Ellen is your go-to.  She will probably let you eat the piece of cake and drink the coffee before you start though, because she is not an animal.  

Ellen comes with a massive skill set in process and compliance, but more importantly she has some serious strengths in communication and people-care – getting the best out of the team by trusting that they have so much to offer and believes that happy, valued people work hard and love to feel that they have made a difference. 

 She has an ideal range of skills to help us run the practice so that the lawyers can get on with focusing on clients; through concentrating on the business, compliance and personnel within the firm. She makes sure that the foundation of a strong, valued team continues to provide the high levels of client care that you are all so used to. You will see her around the office, and she is the person who will help you if you have a problem with, or indeed some praise to offer to, one of us.