Office Manager

Emily Coburn-Hall

Emily is our office super-hero.  Emily will more than likely be the first person you see when you come into the building.  Womanning reception, making sure the wheels of the office are oiled, and organising us into running an efficient operation she came to us highly recommended by one of her referees who described her as “lovely, lovely, lovely”.   Whilst we are normally of the view that this sort of thing is nauseating, we have to agree that she is rather splendid.

When we asked her to tell us about herself for this post she said that she “ a mum to two wonderful girls, makes extraordinary chocolate and hazelnut buns and it can take 10 whole minutes to eat a satsuma because she takes all the pith off.   She is an amateur Scottish Country Dancer and has the socks to prove it.  Ask her, see if she will show you.