How We Helped an Event Fairy Godfather Vanquish the Buildings Safety Act to Buy a Flat

Here at Newport Land and Law, we do enjoy a good yarn. We hope you do too, especially as you’re about to be subjected to one. We’d love to tell you about our client and pal Jack Downes, a sought-after hospitality professional, who was recently seeking to buy his first home.

Jack has spent the past 23 years running a swanky, London-based hospitality business. He and his team of modern-day hosts offer an impeccable service adding a touch of magic and seamless operations to events from Clapham to Lake Como.

If you’re picturing Jack as a kind of super cool fairy godfather for parties, we reckon that’s about right. The thing is, though, that even fairy godfathers need somewhere to call their own once the clock strikes midnight. With this in mind, Jack decided to embark on a project to transform an old property into his perfect home.

Now, we don’t know if you’ve ever had much to do with the London property market, but if you’re a proud Yorkshire lass or lad like us, you might need a whiff of the smelling salts after seeing the asking prices down there. And that’s before we even get into how competitive the whole thing can be. This is one of the reasons why Jack took his time finding the right project. That, and he wanted to be sure that the place he found was exactly what he was looking for. All told, Jack spent two years searching high and low for the ideal spot to hang his magic wand.

Once he’d found the flat that was right for him, it was time to commence negotiations. Jack was eager to respect the needs of the seller while also being mindful of the cost of the impending renovations. Luckily, this delicate balance paid off and he was able to secure the property at a price that suited everyone.

And then the real fun began! Hang on, did we say fun? We meant conveyancing.

Now, let’s just say that the legal wrangling involved in the process of purchasing Jack’s new place was not the most straight-forward work we’ve ever done. The property was affected by new legislation under the Building Safety Act (2023), which meant we had a lot of extra queries and concerns to deal with.

Still! Jack was keen to make the flat his home and we are not the kind of conveyancers to baulk at a little bit of legal complication. We gamely rolled up our trousers legs and waded right in. (Just so you know, the Building Safety Act now quakes in its boots when it sees us coming).

These conveyancing twists and turns added a fair amount time to the process, but five months later Jack was the proud owner of a new set of keys (along with the flat to go with them). Being the efficient problem solver that he is, he wasted no time starting the renovations. In just a few weeks, he had transformed the kitchen into a fabulous new space.

Jack tells us he’s now putting the final touches on the transformation and that a grand reveal housewarming party is on the horizon. Anna has been promised an invite. She has polished her glass slippers in anticipation.

If you’d like to know more about Jack and his business, Urbane People Ltd, you can find him at @lookalittleharder on Instagram.

Alternatively, if you’d like to know more about the Building Safety Act and how it could affect your own property transaction, your best bet is to stick with us. After all, we happen to be pretty handy with a magic wand, too. (Though we wouldn’t advise hiring us to coordinate any social events: we’ve been known to hog the canapes).

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