Consultant solicitor jobs with a friendly, flexible law firm

At Newport Land and Law, we’ve made it our mission to bring together a crack team of legal professionals with one simple aim: to make legal services better.

We want our clients to receive top-notch services so fantastic they yell about them from the rooftops. And – just as importantly – we want our staff to have happy, fulfilling work lives that don’t take away from their family time, eclipse their hobbies or make them want to scream into the void. (Trust us, we’ve been there).

With this in mind, we’ve created a consultancy model we really believe in and are on the hunt for legal professionals who are up to the challenge.

If you’re a fantastic solicitor specialising in conveyancing, planning, agriculture, private client services or dispute resolution and are looking for a new way of working, why not give us a try? We think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised (and not just by our questionable sense of humour).


Current Vacancy

Why Choose Consultancy?

After spending many years in the legal profession (probably more than we’d like to admit, if we’re really honest) we’ve come to the conclusion that consultancy is a great model. No working situation is perfect, and we’ll be the first to admit that we can’t make legal work entirely pain-fee. Saying that, we think we’ve got a pretty good thing going on.

We are currently developing a dedicated recruitment section of the website, which will answer all the questions that you may have but if you’d like to speak to us in the meantime you can call us on 01937 326006 or email