My Career Ready Internship with Newport Land and Law


For four weeks I undertook an internship at Newport Land and Law. I was given the role of an office assistant where I was helping colleagues wherever possible to complete tasks. I answered phone calls from clients responding to queries. Furthermore, I helped scan documents and handle post. Each week I was given a dedicated 1-1 time with different employees where I learnt the different roles that they each carry out. I took this internship because I wanted to gain an insight into the working environment. I wanted to demonstrate and improve my employability skills by applying them to a workplace environment to help me complete a range of tasks. This opportunity will not only improve my employability in the future, but it will also demonstrate to universities my desire to pursue a career in law in the future.



I was given the task of analysing the company website and providing an evaluation of it such as the strengths and weaknesses. I found that the website used a theme of similar colours throughout the homepage. It had clear and readable fonts which helped show the important pieces of information that clients are likely to need. One improvement I would have made was to perhaps reduce the amount of content on the homepage as I found it difficult to digest the information. I would also make sure that the e-books regarding the process of buying/selling property were easily accessible to help clients become aware of the procedure and what to expect. Additionally, I was asked to look at the services that Newport Land and Law provided to clients. I learnt several new services such as probate which is the legal right to deal with someone’s property, money and possessions when they die. While learning about Newport Land and Law I was able to gain a clear understanding of how they wanted to be perceived by clients, and their tone of voice.


Throughout the internship I learnt more about the role of each employee. I learnt how to scan documents, how to use LEAP (a legal case management system), the process of buying/selling, how blogs are made and the difference between commercial and residential conveyancing. Before I came to Newport Land and Law, I had no prior knowledge of land law but after some time within the company, I am slowly starting to understand some of the processes involved. I spent time helping the communications officer coming up with new ideas of what to post on different media channels such as TikTok, and potential blog content.

Everyone in the team has described their work experiences which has helped me make an informed choice about my future career. I have enjoyed spending time with the trainee solicitor at Newport Land and Law as they have shown me the different documents involved in conveyancing and what the process looks like from start to finish. This has greatly expanded my knowledge of conveyancing as I have found that the process is much more complex compared to what I previously believed. Despite the challenges that may arise during the process I find this fascinating; it ensures that no two days are the same which I look for when considering a future job role. The trainee solicitor has also taught me what Powers of Attorney are and gave me some documents showing the procedure. From this I learnt that this enables a designated person(s) to make decisions on someone’s behalf if they lack the mental capacity to do so themselves. These decisions can range from health and welfare to property and financial affairs. I had to put key information from paper documents to an online government website which has developed my attention to detail skills as it is crucial that I put the correct details in due to the importance of these documents. Furthermore, my time with the paralegal at Newport Land and Law has shown all the essential elements that need to be completed during the conveyancing process. Despite these being many minor tasks, helping the paralegal to complete these tasks has been enjoyable and I see myself doing similar tasks in the future. These ranged from answering emails, completing forms and preparing different matters on LEAP or Actionstep (another legal case management system).

We are Wakefield

I am grateful to have been involved in the process of completing the entry for the employer of the year award for the We are Wakefield annual business awards. Being able to provide my input was useful to Newport Land and Law as it provided a new perspective on the company and because of this I was able to give fresh new ideas. I was tasked with researching the benefits of dogs in the workplace and produce a quote showing the benefits of companies holding internships and work experience opportunities. I have also needed to look at the current draft we have made and decide if any adjustments were needed.Recently, I have been helping my supervisor with putting the potential awards that the firm could enter and put key details such as deadlines and categories to consider. I have helped my supervisor with gaining more publicity by providing ideas for how to connect with other firms and which firms to connect with.


This was my first internship in a new workplace environment with new people. This has allowed me to greatly improve my communication skills and confidence as I worked with several employees and spoke to new clients every day. This will prove to be beneficial because I will need to meet and speak to new people regularly due to the nature of the role I want to pursue in the future. This was the first environment where I have seen dogs in the workplace. I see this as a great benefit mainly because it can help raise your mood and give the motivation you need to work. I found that the presence of dogs made me feel happier and provided a sense of comfort. After spending some time at the office, I can say that I enjoy being in a similar environment because it provides the motivation for me to work and encourages innovation and collaboration. The integration of working both in the office and at home has given me a flavour of how flexible work can be in some companies.


During my last week of the internship, I gave a presentation to several employees explaining my experiences at Newport Land and Law. During my presentation I discussed what I enjoyed the most out of the internship, what I perhaps didn’t enjoy, what I wish I would have known prior, what I learnt and how the time at Newport Land and Law has impacted my future choices. I enjoyed giving the presentation and was provided with useful feedback for future presentations such as to give more specific examples and to speak more slowly. The ability to give presentations in front of an audience is an important skill for future employment therefore it is vital that I practice doing presentations.


My time at Newport Land and Law has provided me with many experiences and skills that will indefinitely help me in the future. I established a good rapport with all members of the team that I have met. This opportunity has developed several vital skills that will be useful in the future such as adaptability, communication, creativity, problem-solving, teamwork and managing myself. The skills learnt will be used in several different settings whether that be in college or in a workplace environment. This internship has given me an insight into land law and what my role would entail should I pursue a career in this area of law. This internship has taught me how I should behave and act in a workplace environment. I have experienced personal growth as before starting this internship I had doubts, but this opportunity has shown that I can do anything I put my mind to regardless of what I believe.

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