Newport Land and Law Director Spotted Up a Ladder in Dorset

Our very own Anna Newport recently popped up in Gillingham, Dorset, to pay a site visit to one of our clients.

Hunnings Homes is a family business led by managing director Tom Jeffes. Not only are they passionate about property, they’re also keen to serve their community by breathing new life into old buildings.

They are currently restoring and converting Churchbury House, an historic Methodist chapel in the centre of Gillingham. The iconic building has a long history of various uses, from the obvious spiritualism and worship to the rather more practical fabric production and storage. It’s now undergoing another transformation as the Hunnings team convert it into eight luxury apartments.

Of course, this metamorphosis is a delicate balance. It’s not just a construction project, it’s also about heritage preservation. All the builders, designers and skilled craftspeople involved are intent on introducing modern luxury in a way that respects and celebrates the original architecture of the building.

We’ve been working with Tom and his team to handle the conveyancing side of the endeavour, as well as to help organise funding sources. It was brilliant to see the project progressing in person, though, if given the option, Anna would’ve preferred to have less involvement with ladders.

Tom is hopeful that the project will serve as a green light for similar heritage projects across the country. His aim is to be able to show how historical structures can be restored and reimagined in a way that preserves the past while also catering to the future. We hear he already has his eye on some possible future projects.

We can’t wait for the scaffolding to come down and fully reveal Churchbury House’s new guise. When that happens, we’ll be on hand to help transfer the ownership of the eight apartments to their new residents as efficiently as possible. After all, we imagine they’ll be keen to get settled into their new/old home.

Being part of this project may be a professional achievement, but we’re also chuffed to have done our bit to support an architectural legacy.

If you’re involved in a heritage restoration project and are looking for experienced legal support, you know where to find us. We’re always here to help with questions about conveyancing, heritage funding and potential legal pitfalls… but, to tell the truth, we’d rather not have to scale any scaffolding ourselves.

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