Our lasting power of attorney solicitors will see your wishes granted

Having an LPA will help safeguard you in the future, should life lead you to a place where you’re unable to manage your affairs yourself – and our lasting power of attorney solicitors are here to offer their guidance and advice throughout the process.

Unlike a will – which deals with your property on your death – a lasting power of attorney (LPA) allows you to nominate people you trust to act on your behalf should injury or illness befall you… or if you simply want to spend time in the sun and leave the work to someone else.   

Our specialist solicitors are here to offer you:


We pride ourselves on being far from average, and our lasting power of attorney solicitors have the insight and experience to ensure everything is covered and considered while dealing with:

Finding the right LPA solicitor for you is essential if you want to make the best decisions and make the process as painless as possible. If you want to get a feel for who we are and how we do things, email us at to arrange an informal chat. 

Old Hands clasped in young hands

How can our lasting power of attorney support help you?

When it comes to making decisions that could impact your health, welfare and finances at a time when you are unable to, an LPA will help the people you trust take control and act in your best interests.

We’re here to listen, understand and help you consider the options so that putting things in order doesn’t feel like an ordeal.

Our lasting power of attorney specialists can offer LPA guidance and support on a range of considerations and questions, such as:

LPA guidance from solicitors with an empathic ear

LPAs are often created in difficult circumstances, such as on the early diagnosis of dementia or memory problems. Our solicitors are highly empathic and caring, and understand that working with certain clients can involve longer meetings and adopting a more sensitive approach. As we’re not “on the clock” we can take the time needed to truly cater for your personal requirements.

Our lasting power of attorney solicitors enjoy working with people like you and your loved ones and if you live locally in Wakefield or Yorkshire, we’ll arrange a home visit if that’s more convenient and comfortable for you.