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Preparing to Buy: Announcing Our Ebook

Unsurprisingly enough, we talk a lot about property transactions around here. From joint ownership to leasehold reform, to septic tanks and radon searches… you may be of the opinion that we’re always banging on about it.

Of course, we’d argue there’s good reason for this. Buying a property – whether it’s your first purchase or your twenty-first – is no small matter. The process can be exciting and exhilarating as well as long-winded, stressful and (sometimes) downright dull.

Navigating all this yourself can be uncomfortable, but luckily there’s no reason why you should have to. Finding the right conveyancing solicitor is a great way to ensure the sometimes-rocky process of property purchasing is as smooth as humanly possible.

But what if you don’t know where to start?

If you’re really early on in the process, the idea of actually engaging a solicitor might seem terrifying.

You probably have all sorts of questions to ask before you can even contemplate googling find a conveyancing solicitor.

These questions are probably something along the lines of: when do you need to hire a solicitor? How are you supposed to actually getto that point? And what does the solicitor even do anyway?

Not to worry, folks; we’ve got you covered.

We’ve been buzzing away on a project behind the scenes to create a comprehensive resource that’s suitable for first time buyers and forgetful old hands alike, as well as people who are just starting to think about dipping their toes in.

Our ebook Purchasing Property: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Sanity Intact has been written as a guide to take you from preparing for your first viewings all the way up to moving day.

Why did we write this ebook?

We’re fully aware of just how inaccessible and incomprehensible the legal world can seem when you’re on the outside looking in.

For many people, engaging a conveyancing solicitor is the first time they’ve needed to work with a legal professional. If this is the case for you, we certainly wouldn’t blame you for not knowing what to expect.

After all, conventional wisdom has us all as money-grabbing fat cats who sit behind desks towering with half-abandoned paperwork. We’re often expected to spend three hours out at lunch each day and not actually do any work until a client calls to hurry us along.

Well. Though we won’t deny that some solicitors do seem to take suspiciously long lunch breaks… that’s not how things are done at Newport Land and Law. For one thing, the resident office dogs would never put up with any fat cat behaviour.

Newport Land and Law was built on the idea of being straight-talking, no-nonsense lawyers who do things a little out of the ordinary. Our aim is to always be on your side and to translate legal jargon into plain-speaking English.

And that’s exactly what you can expect from Purchasing Property: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Sanity Intact. We’ve set out to explain the whole process as simply as possible.

What information is included in the ebook?

In our ebook you’ll find a clear step-by-step guide to how the purchase process works, for both freehold and leasehold properties. We’ve covered stamp duty, what you should expect from your solicitor, legal obligations for exchange and completion, and how much the whole process is likely to cost you.

You’ll also find details on some of the unwelcome diversions your purchase could take, as well as what your solicitor will be able to do to address these issues.

Not only have we managed to squeeze an awful lot of helpful information into a little book… we’ve also done it all in our usual style. So hopefullyyou’ll learn what you need to know without falling asleep in the process.

How can you get your hands on a copy?

The ebook is free to download and can be viewed on whatever device you have to hand (which is ideal if you’re the sort of person who wakes up at four AM worrying about land registry complications).

In case you happen to have missed the link we’ve sprinkled fairly liberally through this post(!) we’ll happily share it again. Here’s where to find our free ebook Purchasing Property: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Sanity Intact.

If you have any questions about the ebook – or if you’re so pleased to hear about our standard-length lunch breaks that you’d like to hire us – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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