UK probate solicitors who handle your estate with empathy 

It’s fair to say that most properly qualified probate solicitors will have the knowledge needed to help you navigate your probate requirements, but not everyone knows how to handle this with the ‘human touch’ necessary at such a sensitive time.

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, dealing with legal and financial matters can be daunting, draining and emotionally challenging. Our probate specialists will help you handle your affairs with the minimum of hassle, a healthy dollop of TLC, plus:

We should all be able to expect the above service standards as, well, standard – so we won’t waver from these promises. Our specialist probate solicitors also guarantee:

With our extensive background in writing wills, handling complex estates and providing personalised probate support, you can rely on Newport Land & Law to help make estate administration as straightforward as possible. We’re always happy to have an informal chat to see if we’re the right fit for you, so feel free to email us at

How can our probate specialists help you?

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Our probate specialists are here to handle any aspect, or as many aspects of the probate process as you need – you’re in control.  

Whether or not there’s a will, we’ll find a way to deal with the deceased’s estate and keep things as headache-free as possible. Every situation is entirely unique and there may be a truck load of technicalities to manage, but with our knowledge, experience and complete commitment to your case, you can be confident in our abilities to ease you through the probate process.

Here are some examples of matters you may need our assistance with:

Specialist probate solicitors with a sympathetic approach

We pride ourselves on being anything but your typical law firm. We’re genuinely warm, open and caring.

So if you need a probate specialist on-board who’ll ensure efficiency, value and a genuinely caring approach to what is, let’s face it, a pretty grim time, you can trust our probate solicitors here at Newport Land and Law.