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It stands to reason that you can trust lawyers – after all, everything they do is governed by the law. But when you’re setting up a trust to help take care of the cash and assets you’ve worked so hard for, you need to have confidence in your lawyer’s ability to guide you towards the very best decisions.

A little like when you write a will, nobody jumps up and down with excitement about setting up a trust. That’s why our specialist trust lawyers (or solicitors, if you prefer) take a slightly different approach…

Setting up a trust is a great way of protecting and managing your assets and investments so that you can keep control of who gets what and when.

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Setting up a trust to suit your individual objectives

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Like with all of our legal support, we don’t think setting up a trust should be a headache or a hassle. With the right advice, it’s easy to work out the best type of trust and distribution of your assets.

Our trust specialists will drill deep down into the data and digits, applying their in-depth, technical knowledge to help you make sound, sensible decisions.

There are different types of trusts we can help you with – and while we don’t specifically deal with trusts for tax planning purposes, we know a man who can.

Here are some of the ways our savvy solicitors can help you with your estates and trusts:

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From setting up your trust to bringing it an end, our solicitors promise an exceptional standard of service with a huge smattering of compassion.

If you’d like to arrange a call with one of our qualified and experienced trust lawyers to find out more about what we do and how we do it, drop us a line and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.